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2-1-05 Tamphanc3000


must have cards:
*1. return of D.D or dimemsion fusion
2. painful choice
3. soul release
3x blue-eye and/or something is NORMAL monster and high atk point
4. maryura the destructor
(raigeki + harpie feather duster is for tradition format)
(curse of anubis, meteor rain, giant trunade is for advance format, casefire)*
helping card:
cyber jar
the shallow grave (many at possible)
(tradition format sangan + witch of black forest + graceful charity)
something that could destroy monster.
some cards to dicard the powerful monster to the graveyard.
this it how it work.
when u got those cards i told u from * to * in ur hand
1. make maryura send to graveyard
2. then active painful choice if u dont have enough powerful monster in ur GY, if u do dont need to.
3. maryura effect active allow u to active trap card(s)in ur hand during this turn.
4. raigeki + feather duster for tradition format
4. giant trunate for advance
then active curse of anubis make sure no NOMAL MONSTER on (s)he side of the field if it f/d casefire do the trickor soul absortion spell to clear then meteor rain.
now nothing can stop u from winning
5. soul release those monster(the powerful monsters i told u) the return them from RFG by return of D.D or dimesion fusion.attack then u win since the deffence are 0 and u inflict (s)he LP cause meteor rain effect. there are some more helping cards but im not list it.
 more to come in EVERYWEEK at here.
 thx for reading


2-2-05 Flamingdragon0010


1.2x Manticore of darkness

1st thing you need to do for this combo to work is get a manticore of darkness onto the field and also have one in you hand. At this point it would be helpful to set backfire, If your opponent attacks manticore of darkness you activate Backfire (they take 500), then during the end phase of that turn you sacrafice the manticore from your hand to bring the manticore from the graveyard back to the field, but this is where im not so sure about it in the Manticore of darkness's effect it says that when this card goes to the graveyard you may tribute one beast/beast-warrior/winged beast from your side of the field or your hand to bring it back to the field, So then back to the combo. Since the manticore that you discarded went to the graveyard can you tribute the manticroe that is on the field to bring it back during that same end phase? and if so would the effect of backfire still make your opponent take 500 every time you tribute a manticore from the field to bring a previous one back?




2-6-04 Tamphanc3000


Automatical Win


card need:
1. Last Turn
2. Jowgen the Spiritualist
3*. Dark Necrofear (im not sure its effect work, so not need it)
4. Wall of Revealing Light
how it work:
1. set Last Turn and Wall of Revealing Light f/d then summon Jogen.
2. ur opp. turn activeWall 1st then pay some LP so u got less than 1000 LP, 
then u use Last Turn. pick Jowgenso ur opp. cant summon any monster since
Jowgen effect make (s)he cant Special Summon any monster. effect of Last turn is make (s)he "Special Summon" so no monster can summon until the end of the turn u win.
 thx for reading


2-6-04 Tamphanc3000


1. Gearfreed the Iron Knight
2. Butterfly Dagger-Elma
3. Magical Marionette
4. Royal Magical Library (optional)
5. Harpies Feather Duster (for tradition); Giant Trunate (for advance)
(#3+4 can have more than 1)
how it work:
1st equip Gearfreed with Elma (while u got #3 and/or #4 on the field). then add
counter to both #3 and 4 then Elma destroy then add to ur hand then countinous 
like that ur magical marionette ll unlimited att point remove counter on #3 to destroy all monster on ur opponent side of the field(2 counter destroy 1 monster)and #4 make u draw (optional) then active #5 and then attack directly with unlimited power. (#4 make u draw card u need)



2-17-05 Tamphanc3000


Exodia in One Turn


Dark Hole
Backup Soldier
Exodia set
Painful Choice
Sangan and Witch
a Normal Monster
 Sangan + Witch on the field. use Dark Hole then choose a Head and a piece then use Painful Choice pick a normal monster,the other piece and any card. 
No matter what he pick use back up soldier u set earlier then pick the last other piece then win.
Quick Burn LP
Fire Princess
Solem Wishes 
Bad Reaction to Simochi
The Eye of True
Snatch Steal
Dark Room of Nightmare
Puppet Master
 Every time u draw u gain 500 (Solem Wishes) and ur opp. lose 800 (Fire Princess + Dark Room). Every time a monster summon except special summon u gain 500 (Puppet Maser)opp. lose 800 (Pricess + Dark Room). Each Standby Phase s/he lose 3200 (1000 for The Eye of True if s/he has Magic. 1000 for Snatch Steal. 500 for Princesscause by Kiseitai. Add 300 each time s/he derease LP Dark Room. 1300 + 1300+ 800 = 3200) u win in 2 turn.