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Dark Magician Deck



This 46 card deck is all about summoning you guessed it Dark Magician(DM) and his friendly gang of peeps.
Dark Magician Knight destroys 1 card any type on the field when summoned with Knight's Title.
1 Double Coston can be used to summon either a DM or a DMG.
Nimble Momonga gets killed and you set another 2 Nimble (adds 100 lps BONUS!!) which will also set you up for a tribute summon next turn.
Pitch Black Power Stone and Miracle Restoring/Skilled Black Magician can be used to get a DM on the field.
Dedication Through Light and Darkness (and its Quick-Play so you can play it from your hand) allows you to get a Dark Magician of Chaos on the field and lets you get a magic card from your graveyard through his effect.
Monster Reborn Premature burial and Call of the Haunted to get Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl back on the field so you can play the Magic cards to get more DMs or a DMK or DMOC. 
Thousand Knives to destroy monsters.
Dark Magic Curtain(1/2 lp for a DM no special or regular summon but sets allowed) little costly but it gets a DM on the field and makes it so you can play other cards.
Pot of Greed and Graceful are useful especially graceful b/c you can get cards in the graveyard if you want to revive them.
3 Dark Magician Knight
3 Dark Magician
3 Dark Magician Girl
1 Dark Magician Of Chaos
3 Double Coston
3 Nimble Momonga
3 Skilled Black Magician
2 Graceful Charity
1 Pot of Greed
1 Pot of Greed
3 Dedication Through LaD
3 Dark Magic Curtain
3 Thousand Knives
3 Sage's Stone
3 Knight's Title
1 Premature Burial
1 Monster Reborn
1 Call of the Haunted
3 Miracle Restoring
3 Pitch-Black Power Stones


Srvís Fix


First off, Graceful Charity is limited to 1, and weíre going to make this for Advanced Format. Dark Magic Curtain isnít even released yet. Iím going to try to make this the best it can be while still keeping the general idea the same.


-2 Dark Magician Knight (Requires a Magic Card to Summon just to destroy 1 monster)

-1 Dark Magician Girl (Too many tribute monsters)

-1 Double Coston (No real need for 3)

-2 Graceful Charity (Limited and Banned)

-2 Dedication Through Light and Darkness (Only 1 Black Chaos, and itís not a top priority to Special Summon this way)

-3 Dark Magic Curtain (Not released in US)

-1 Thousand Knives (Too Condition Specific to have 3)

-1 Sageís Stone (Same as above)

-2 Knightís Title (We took out 2 Knights, so this just makes sense)

-1 Monster Reborn (Banned)


Monsters: 15

+1 Breaker the Magical Warrior (Great monster)

+1 Cyber Jar (To get the cards you need to your hand and monsters on the field)

+1 Magician of Faith (Can pull your Spell cards back)

+2 Apprentice Magician (Put counters on your Skilled Darks and Spec. Summon your M.o.F.)


Spell Cards: 8

+1 Change of Heart (For tributing)

+1 Snatch Steal (For Tributing

+2 Dark Magic Attack (Works as a Feather Duster after using Thousand Knives ^_^)


Trap Cards: 7

+2 Waboku (Keep your Apprentice Magicianís alive to put them in defense)

+1 Ring of Destruction (Kill your DM and inflict 2500 damage before they can Sakuretsu it)

+1 Magic Cylinder (Spellcaster related ^_^)



Final Deck: 43 Cards


Monsters: 20


[1] Breaker the Magical Warrior

[1] Cyber Jar

[1] Magician of Faith

[2] Apprentice Magician

[2] Double Coston

[3] Nimble Momonga

[3] Skilled Dark Magician


1 Tribute

[2] Dark Magician Girl


2 Tributes

[3] Dark Magician

[1] Dark Magician of Chaos


Special Summon

[1] Dark Magician Knight


Spell Cards: 12

[1] Change of Heart

[1] Snatch Steal

[1] Pot of Greed

[1] Dedication Through Light and Darkness

[1] Knightís Title

[1] Premature Burial

[2] Dark Magic Attack

[2] Thousand Knives

[2] Sageís Stone


Trap Cards: 11

[1] Ring of Destruction

[1] Magic Cylinder

[1] Call of the Haunted

[2] Waboku

[3] Miracle Restoring

[3] Pitch-Black Power Stone


Note: Quickplays canít be activated from your hand on the opponentís turn, but the can be set and activated like Trap cards.