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Episode #101 – The Heart of the Cards

         Yugi is teaching his friend, Joey how to play Duel Monsters, and Kaiba comes into Grandpa’s game shop. He challenges him to a duel for his Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and wins. When Kaiba gets the card, he rips it in half. Grandpa goes into shock, and has to be rushed to the hospital by Tristan and Téa. Joey and Yugi  go to duel Kaiba. Kaiba gets all 3 of his Blue-Eyes on the field, but two of them are bound by the Swords of Revealing Light. Yugi manages to assemble the five parts of Exodia, and beats Kaiba. Grandpa gets better, and goes home.


Episode #102 – The Gauntlet is Thrown

       Pegasus hears about Kaiba’s defeat, and sends Yugi a video, a dueling glove, and two star chips. Téa keeps beating Joey, so Grandpa teaches him about the importance of the heart of the cards. In Yugi’s video, Pegasus sends him and his friends to the shadow realm. There, he duels Yugi, and Yugi is about to win when time runs out. Since Yugi doesn’t want to go to the Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus steals Grandpa’s soul.


Episode #103 – Journey to the Duelist Kingdom

       Joey gets a video from his sister saying she will soon lose her sight, and wants to see him one last time. Joey then becomes determined to win the money to fix her eyes. Joey tries to board the ship to the Duelist Kingdom, but is thrown off. Yugi gives him a star chip, and he gets on. Téa and Tristan sneak on to help Yugi. Téa sees their friend from school, Bakura while Yugi and Joey meet with Weavel, who throws Yugi’s Exodia overboard. Joey tries to get them back, but can’t fight the current. Yugi dives in after him, and Tristan and Téa save them. Meanwhile, Mai cheats Rex out of his championship suite.


Episode #104/105 – The Ultimate Great Moth

       On the island, Pegasus greets everyone, and informs them he will be the winner’s last opponent. Yugi and Joey see Weavel, and chase him. He runs until he reaches a field. The reason he ran to there is because he knew Yugi would want to duel. And that field gives his monsters a power bonus. Yugi and Weavel duel, and Weavel starts to win with his Ultimate Great Moth, but Yugi makes a comeback, and beats him.