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Yu-gi-oh! Duel Monsters



  1. The Blood Curdling Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  2. The Trap of Illusionist Faceless Mage
  3. The Lost Exodia
  4. The Insector Combo
  5. Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
  6. Mai’s Beautiful Harpies
  7. Sea God, Leviathan
  8. Stolen Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
  9. Ressurection! Magic Silk Hats!
  10. Counterattack of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
  11. Power of Friendship! Barbarians 1 and 2
  12. Black Fire! Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  13. Trap of Metamol Pot! Flame Swordsman’s Crisis
  14. Duel of the Night! The Castle that Spreads Darkness
  15. Tear Apart the Darkness! Sealing Swords of Light
  16. Clash! Blue-Eyes Vs. Red-Eyes
  17. Fear! Cry of the Living Dead
  18. Shield in the Right Hand, Sword in the Left Hand
  19. Tag Team Duel of the Labyrinth
  20. Union of the Three Gods! Gate Guardian
  21. Demon Dragon! Black Demon Dragon!
  22. Duel of Fate! Yugi Vs. Kaiba
  23. Strongest! Magnificent! Ultimate Dragon
  24. Kurobih Multiply! Astonishing Comeback
  25. Duel of Tears! Friendship
  26. Save Mokuba! Kaiba Vs. Pegasus
  27. Kaiba’s Fall! The Invincible Toon World
  28. Night Before the Decisive Battle! Pegasus’s Secret
  29. Certain Defeat! Shadow of Temptation
  30. The Strongerst Soldier of Legend, Chaos Soldier Descends
  31. Cruel Heavy Metal Deck
  32. Crossing Time! Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
  33. Duel of Friendship, Yugi Vs. Jonouchi (1)
  34. Duel of Friendship, Yugi Vs. Jonouchi (2)
  35. Last Duel, Yugi Vs. Pegasus
  36. Ineffective Attack!? Invincible Toon Army
  37. Counterattack Begin! Mind Shuffle
  38. Wicked Eyes Open, Sacrifice
  39. Fusion of Light and Darkness, Black Chaos Descends
  40. King of Duelists
  41. The Girl from the United States
  42. Deadly Shadow Ghoul
  43. Trap of the Big 5, Duel Monster Quest
  44. DM Quest 2, Legendary Hero, Yugi
  45. DM Quest 3, Master of Dragon Knight
  46. Mysterious Transfer Student, Otogi Ryuuji
  47. Confrontation! Dungeon Dice Monsters
  48. Yugi’s Terrible Battle, Vicious Attack of the God Ogruss
  49. Dimension of a Miracle, Black Magician Summoned
  50. Challenge from the Past, Terrible Zera
  51. Boken Sennin Puzzle
  52. Lost Memories of a King
  53. Fiery Dance Battle
  54. This City Will Be Battle City!
  55. Ghouls Attack, Aimed at Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  56. Fierce Battle! Battle City Opening
  57. Reverse, Chain Destruction
  58. Espa Roba, Fear of the Psychic Deck
  59. Courageous Bet, Spinning Spider Roulette
  60. Black Magician User Pandora
  61. Black Magic of the Soul
  62. Magician’s Apprentice, Black Magician Girl
  63. Trap of Revenge, Infected! Parasite
  64. Knight of Steel, Gearfried
  65. Malik Starts, God Combo
  66. Saint Dragon, God of Osiris
  67. Exceed God! Ultimate Infinite Loop
  68. Invisible Enemy, Sea Stealth II
  69. Legendary Fisherman
  70. Curse of Mask, Rooftop Duel
  71. Sealed God Card
  72. Unite!
  73. God of Obelisk
  74. Bonds
  75. Coldhearted Duel, Yugi Vs. Jonouchi
  76. Arrive! The Red-Eyes Black Dragon of Friendship
  77. Countdown to Despair
  78. Attack Me! The Last Turn of Fate
  79. Ghost Deck Vs. Occult deck
  80. Ninja Master, Jean-Claude Magnum
  81. Battle Ship Start!
  82. First Duel of the Sky, Yami Yugi Vs. Yami Bakura
  83. The Death Calling Ouija Board
  84. Shatter the Darkness – God’s One Blow
  85. Hidden Power – Mystery of the God Card
  86. Jonouchi Vs. Trap Deck
  87. The Card that Inherits Spirit, Psychi Shocker Strikes Back
  88. Summon Sun Dragon, God of Ra
  89. Ra’s Wrath – Stand Up, Jonouchi!
  90. Mai Vs. Malik, Duel of Darkness
  91. God Card taken
  92. The Riddle of the Hiertic Text
  93. Kaiba Vs. The Eighth Duelist
  94. One Attack that Changes the Future
  95. The Truth About the Ishtars Revealed
  96. Darkness Vs. Darkness – Malik Vs. Bakura
  97. One Turn Kill
  98. Strange Challenger, A Huge Mobile Fortress Surfaces
  99. Deck Master – Deep Sea Warrior
  100. The Terrifying Resurrection Combo
  101. Counterattacking Rainbow Arch
  102. Iceberg Duel – Anzu Targeted
  103. Shine! The Jewel of Sage
  104. Deck Master – Judgeman’s Judgment
  105. Betting on Victory
  106. A Man’s Passage to the Stage: Honda’s Death for Honor
  107. St. Joan: Trinity Attack
  108. Mokuba Kidnapped, Kaiba Vs. Psycho Shocker
  109. Satellite Cannon Attacks from Space
  110. Deepening Mystery: Noah’s True Colors
  111. Counterattack of Big 5
  112. Jonouchi Targeted: Working Together for Victory
  113. Defeat! FGD
  114. Noah Vs. Seto, Duel of Heaven and Earth’s Creation
  115. Invincible Deck Master: Miracle Ark
  116. Save Mokuba! The Fateful Seventh Turn
  117. Taking Over, Yugi Vs. Noah
  118. 10000LP Vs. 100LP
  119. The Kaiba Family Darkness
  120. Exodia Necross
  121. Escape!
  122. Location of the Finals, Alcatraz
  123. Battle Royale!
  124. The Respective Opponents
  125. Jonouchi Vs. Malik (1)
  126. Jonouchi Vs, Malik (2)
  127. Tables Turn! Gilford the Lightning
  128. Jonouchi Falls
  129. The Sky Coliseum: Yugi Vs. Kaiba
  130. The Three Cavaliers
  131. Clash! God Vs. God
  132. Inherit the Destined Duel
  133. Promise to a Friend: Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  134. Defeat Hatred! Black Paladin
  135. Mediocre Road of Flame: Jonouchi Vs. Kaiba
  136. Blue-Eyes White Dragon Vs. Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  137. The Way of a True Duelist
  138. Final Battle, Yugi Vs. Malik
  139. Devil’s Sanctuary Start!
  140. Invincible Wall, God Slime
  141. Obelisk’s Anger – Soul Energy Max
  142. The End of Battle City
  143. Alcatraz in Flames
  144. Sign
  145. A Beating of New Shadow
  146. Seal of the Oracle’s Curse
  147. The Nameless Dragon, Timaeus
  148. Pegasus’s Invitation
  149. Nightmare of Toon World
  150. Wake Up! Critias
  151. Unexpected Enemy
  152. Mai Fallen into Darkness
  153. Revive! The Third Dragon
  154. Miracle of Helmos
  155. Target – The Nameless Pharaoh
  156. Yugi Vs. Raphael, Iron Wall Guadian Deck
  157. The Truth of Doom
  158. The Darkness Within Yugi: Timaeus Disappears
  159. The Lost Soul
  160. Haga & Ryuzaki: Soul Bet Duel (1)
  161. Haga & Ryuzaki: Soul Bet Duel (2)
  162. Timaius Invoked
  163. Showdown! The Two Yugis
  164. Oracle Soldier
  165. Valon Start! The Mystery of the Armor Deck
  166. Amelda’s Sky Duel of Ravenge
  167. Sky Fortress Ziggurat (1)
  168. Sky Fortress Ziggurat (2)
  169. Clash! Jonouchi Vs. Valon
  170. Full Armor Gravitation
  171. Echoing Soul
  172. End of a Fierce Battle
  173. Bitter Victory
  174. The Duel of Fate! Yugi Vs. Raphael
  175. Immortal! Guardian Deathscythe
  176. Smash the Darkness of the Heart!
  177. To the Final Battleground! Dartz Vs. Yugi & Kaiba
  178. The Tragedy of Atlantis
  179. Captive’s Mirror Knight
  180. Oracle’s Third Seal
  181. Arise! The Three Legendary Knights
  182. Infinite Attack Power Serpent God Gaea
  183. Battle of Gods
  184. Walking in the Light
  185. KC Grand Prix Opens
  186. Caught up in the Plot
  187. Jonouchi Vs. Mask the Rock
  188. The Illusionary Ancient Dragon
  189. Intense Battle! Rebecca Vs. Vivian
  190. Jonouchi Vs. Sieg, A Splendid Battle
  191. Goddess of Monster Removal
  192. Genius Girl Vs. Genius Boy
  193. Leon in Fairytale Land
  194. Kaiba Intrudes! Grand Prix Finals
  195. Valkyrie Vs. Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  196. Duel King Finals, Yugi Vs. Leon
  197. Strombeck’s Golden Castle
  198. KC Grand Prix Ends
  199. The Ultimate Game
  200. Yami Bakura On the Move
  201. The Door of Memory Opened
  202. Meet Thief King Bakura
  203. Mahaado’s Decision
  204. Death Match! Mahaado Vs. Bakura
  205. Blue-Eyes Kisara
  206. The Secret of the Birth of the Sennin Items
  207. Rewind Time
  208. The Living Pharaoh
  209. The Village of the Dead
  210. The Final Moments of Thief King Bakura
  211. The New Stage
  212. The Dark Great Priest
  213. Countdown to Demon Revival
  214. The White Dragon
  215. Revival of Great Dark Lord Zork
  216. Legendary Guardian Exodia Revives!
  217. Summon! The Three Gods
  218. Zork Vs. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  219. The Origin of the Pharaoh’s Name!!
  220. The Final Test
  221. The Destined Duel
  222. Defeat the Three Illusionary Gods!
  223. A Strong Heart, a Gentle Heart
  224. The Tale that Ends in Light