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Yu-gi-oh! GX



GX started in October, so I will post episode names as they air. This list covers until December.


  1. The One Who Succeeds Yugi
  2. Flame Wingman
  3. Etoile Cyber
  4. 5 Polermers! VWXYZ
  5. A Dark Demon Deck
  6. Miracle of Hane-Kuriboh
  7. Sho’s Vehicle Deck
  8. The Strongest Cyber End Dragon!
  9. Single Shooting Attack! Return a Low Dining Table
  10. Judai & Sho! A Tag Duel
  11. Judai & Sho vs Meikyuu Brothers
  12. Oxygen + Water = H2O Dragon
  13. Wild Liberation! SAL’s Duel
  14. Vs. Psycho Shocker!?
  15. Youthful Duel of Tennis
  16. Dark Knight King Goblin
  17. Draw! Draw! Draw!
  18. Vs. Yugi Deck! P.1
  19. Vs. Yugi Deck! P.2