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Yu-gi-oh! King of Games



1.     The Battle Starts! A Shadow Game!

2.     An Evil Game Player! The Dangerous Trap!

3.     Itís Come! The Strongest Monster!

4.     The Rare Watch Battle

5.     The Secret of Yugi is Revealed!

6.     An Unavoidable Friendship Battle

7.     A Chaotic Background of Digital Pet

8.     The Movement of the Four Game Masters

9.     Come On! The Great Yo Yo Style

10.  A Beautiful Teacher with a Concealed Face

11.  The Opening of a Rumored Monster Capsule

12.  A Great Lucky Man, An Unbeatable Legend

13.  The Aim is a Girl! A Danger of Prediction

14.  The Worst Date and a Bomb Game

15.  Evil Women! Yugi Canít Transform

16.  The Peak! A Danger from White Cloth

17.  Last Minute Match! The Invited Model

18.  Donít Touch the Forbidden Game

19.  A Fussy Battle! Popularity Contest

20.  Come Out! The Last and Strongest Game Master

21.  Finished! The Greatest Game Land

22.  Destroy It! A Cruel Shooting

23.  Monster Capsule King! The Final Great Battle

24.  Decision Time! The Miracle of Friendship

25.  A New Battle! Attack of the Handsome Boy

26.  A Violent Rival and the Greatest Pinch

27.  Friendship Ė From Legend to Myth