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The Destiny Board Final, or Ouiji Board Death in Japan, is the Magic/Trap equivalent of Exodia. I think FINAL is easier to win by, however, because if you get the Destiny Board, you get the other letters at the end of your opponentís turns.



You can win in at least 4 turns

I,N,A,L are relatively common out of the rares



You canít have anything filling your M/T spaces

If your opponent gets a Harpieís Feather Duster, Mystical Space Typhoon, Remove Trap, Despel, Heavy Storm, etc, youíre screwed

Giant Trunade can set you back a few turns

Destiny Board is hard to find (Iím the only person I know that owns one)


If you choose to play with destiny, back up your deck with good monsters because itís easy to ruin your win with any of the M/T destroyer cards.