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The God Cards


Everyone that has any interest in Yu-Gi-Oh! should have heard about the God Cards, even if from the Americanized anime, but any die hard Duel Monsters master would know what they do, their Japanese names, what happens when they are assembled, who owns them, and so forth. If you don’t know about them, listen up. The God Cards were released in Japan in a GBA game. The game was translated as Worldwide Edition. There were 3 versions. Yugi came with Osiris, Kaiba came with Obelisk, and Joey came with Ra. None of them are tournament legal. Each card requires 3 sacrifices. The rules from the Thousand Eyes Bible official rule book, manga, and anime are all different, so here are some. Magic Card effects only last for 1 turn. Trap Cards and Monster effects are ineffective, and they can’t be dealt damage. Revival cards only revive them for one turn. If a copy of a God Card is used, lightning will fall, and strike the user, and possibly the opponent. When Pegasus found out about the God Cards, he had to make them. Everyone involved in the trip to see them were killed. The gods from the cards killed them. Pegasus was painting a picture of Ra, when he fell asleep. The gods appeared in his dream, and he sealed the God Cards away. Marik, seeking revenge for his family against the pharaoh, tried to find them, but only got 2. He gave one to Pantomime, and Ishizu has the last one.



God Of Obelisk – Obelisk the Tormenter


Attack: 4000

Defense: 4000

Level: 10

Effect: The player shall sacrifice two bodies to God of Obelisk. The opponent shall be damaged. And the monsters on the field shall be destroyed.

What It Means: Sacrifice 2 Monsters to attack all opponent’s monsters, and do 4000 direct damage to opponent.

T.E.B. Official Ruling: Requires you to sacrifice three monsters to summon (treated as a Special Summon).
Sacrifice two monsters- When this monster attacks during this turn, it attacks all of your monsters at the same time, and does 4000 points of direct damage to your opponent. This Monster cannot be the target of Monster, Magic, or trap effects.

Owner: Ishizu/Kaiba



Saint Dragon, God of Osiris – Slifer the Sky Dragon


Attack: X000

Defense: X000

Level: 10

Effect: Whenever the opponent summons a monster into the field, it is dealt 2000 damage. X equals to the number of cards in its controller’s hands.

What it means: When a monster is summoned by your opponent, deal 2000 damage to it. If the ATK or DEF is zero or less, destroy it. X=Cards in your hand.

T.E.B. Official Ruling: Requires you to sacrifice three monsters to summon (treated as a special summon).
This monster’s attack and defense strength are equal to 1000 times the number of cards in your hand. Whenever your opponent Normal Summons or Reverse Summons Monster with a defense strength of 2000 or less, destroy it. This monster cannot be the target of Monster, Magic or Trap effects.

Owner: Pantomime/Yugi



Sun Dragon, God of Ra – Winged Dragon of Ra


Attack: ????

Defense: ????

Level: 10

Effect: Speed-Charge, can attack the turn it is summoned back into the field by Raise Dead.
First Verse: whoever chants this verse is the rightful controller of this monster. If the owner is unable to chant this verse, then this monster cannot be controlled.
Second Verse: When summoning this monster, if the owner chants this verse than the owner shall sacrifice all life points until one life point remains. The sacrificed total shall be added onto Ra.
Third Verse: Chant the third verse. Ra shall transform into a fiery phoenix, and shall descend upon the opponent’s monsters, incinerating all its path.

What It Does: Attack and Defense are equal to total Attack and Defense of monsters used to summon it. Those who can hear and speak Hieratic can gain control of Ra. Pay all but 1 LP to raise Ra’s Atk and Def by the number of points paid. Pay 1000 LP and destroy 1 opponent’s monsters.

Verses: "Great beast of the sky
Please hear my cry
Transform thy self from orb of light
And bring me victory in this fight

Envelop the desert with your glow
And cast your rage upon my foe
Unlock your powers from deep within
So that together, we may win

Appear in this Shadow Game
As I call your name,
Winged Dragon of Ra! "

Owner: Marik



When all 3 of the God Cards are brought together by 1 person, the secrets of the Pharaoh’s memory will be unlocked.