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Millennium Puzzle

         This is Yugi’s item, and the first one we see. It contains the soul of an Egyptian Pharaoh that has cool powers. The spirit has his own chamber in Yugi’s mind, and can talk to Yugi inside him. Yami Yugi, or Yu-Gi-Oh, as the spirit’s called, can put souls in peoples’ bodies, send the evil in people to the shadow realm, create shields, and is very good at games.


Millennium Eye

         This is Pegasus’ item. It lets him steal peoples’ souls, take people to the shadow realm, and look into peoples’ minds. After Yugi defeats Pegasus, Yami Bakura steals the eye.


Millennium Ring

         It belongs to Bakura, and contains the soul of a grave robber called Yami Bakura. When he and Yami Yugi duel in the shadow realm, Yugi send him to the graveyard, but when Pegasus sends Bakura, Téa, and Tristan there, Yami Bakura returns. The Ring can also erase peoples’ memories, show the way to other items, and bring cards to life.


Millennium Key

         Shaadi, protector of the Millennium Items, has this. It lets him enter the minds of people. So far, he’s entered the minds of Yugi.


Millennium Rod

         The rod lets Marik Ishtar control people’s minds and memory. He controls a group of people called rare hunters to steal rare cards.


Millennium Necklace/Tauk

         Ishizu can see the future with this. In the finals of Kaiba’s tournament, she gives it to Yugi.


Millennium Scale

         This item has only been seen in the manga and Forbidden Memories so far. Shaadi owns it. He puts someone’s heart on one side and a feather of Ma’at on the other side. If the heart weighs more, Amit eats the person. Amit is a Hippo-Lion-Alligator from Egyptian legends.