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Promo Checklist



Dark Duel Stories (DDS)

01.       Blue-Eyes White Dragon

02.       Dark Magician

03.       Exodia the Forbidden One

04.       Seiyaryu

05.       Acid Trap Hole

06.       Salamandra


Forbidden Memories (FMR)

01.   Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon

02.   Harpie’s Pet Dragon

03.   Metalmorph


Eternal Duelist Soul (EDS)

01.   Exchange

02.   Graceful Dice

03.   Skull Dice


Duelist of the Roses (DOR)

01.       Alpha the Magnet Warrior

02.       Beta the Magnet Warrior

03.       Gamma the Magnet Warrior


Stairway to the Destined Duel (SDD)

01.   Valkyrion the Magna Warrior

02.   Sinister Serpent

03.   Harpie’s Feather Duster


The Sacred Cards (TSC)

01.   Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

02.   Rirryoku

03.   Negate Attack


The Falsebound Kingdom (TFK)

01.   Zoa

02.   Metalzoa

03.   Goblin Fan


World Championship 2004 (WC4)

01.       Fairy King Truesdale

02.       Kinetic Soldier

03.       Slate Warrior


The Dawn of Destiny (DOD)

01.   Winged Dragon of Ra

02.   Dark Sage

03.   Widespread Ruin

DOD-EN001. Mesmeric Control


Reshef of Destruction (ROD)

01.   Dark Magician Knight

02.   Knight’s Title

03.   Sage’s Stone


7 Trials to Glory: World Championship 2005 (WC5)

  1. Kaibaman
  2. Puppet Control
  3. Silent Swordsman LV7


Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny (PCY)

01.   Windstorm of Etaqua

02.   Anti-Spell Fragrance

03.   Thousand Knives

04.   Dark Magician

05.   Kuriboh


Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge (PCK)

01.   Blue-Eyes White Dragon

02.   Aqua Chorus

03.   Seal of the Ancients


Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion (PCJ)

01.   Red-Eyes B. Dragon

02.   Sebek’s Blessing

03.   Sword of Dragon’s Soul


Destiny Board Traveler (DBT)

01.   Emes the Infinity Dragon

02.   D.D. Assailant

03.   Twinheaded Beast


Capsule Monster Coliseum (CMC)

01.   Abyss Soldier

02.   Inferno Hammer

03.   Teva


World Championship 2005 (WC5)

  1. Silent Swordsman LV7
  2. Kaibaman
  3. Mind Control


Shonen Jump (JMP)

01.   Blue-Eyes White Dragon

02.   Red-Eyes B. Dragon

03.   Archfiend of Gilfer


Duelist League

DL1-001. Thousand-Eyes Restrict

DL1-002. Buster Blader

DL2-001. The Masked Beast

DL2-002. Dark Necrofear

DL3-001. Necovalley

DL4-001. Machine King

DL5-001. Restructer Revolution

DL6-EN001. Toon Gemini Elf


Box Print Tins (BPT)

01.   Dark Magician

02.   Summoned Skull

03.   Blue-Eyes White Dragon

04.   Lord of D.

05.   Red-Eyes B. Dragon

06.   B. Skull Dragon

07.   Dark Magician

08.   Buster Blader

09.   Blue-Eyes White Dragon

10.   XYZ-Dragon Cannon

11.   Jinzo

12.   Gearfried the Iron Knight


Collector Tins (CT1)

01.   Total Defense Shogun

02.   Blade Knight

03.   Command Knight

04.   Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

05.   Insect Queen

06.   Obnoxious Celtic Guard


Invasion of Chaos Special Edition (IOC-SE)

01.   Lava Golem

02.   Ring of Destruction

03.   Magic Cylinder

04.   Gemini Elf


Rise of Destiny Special Edition (RDS-SE)

01.   Diffusion Wave-Motion

02.   Dark Magician Girl

03.   Judgment of Anubis

04.   Vampire Lord


Exclusive Pack (EP1)

01.   Thenian the Great Sphinx

02.   Andro Sphinx

03.   Sphinx Teleia

04.   Rare Metal Dragon

05.   Peten the Dark Clown

06.   Familiar Knight

07.   Inferno Tempest

08.   Return from the Different Dimension


Yugioh the Movie (MOV)

01.   Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon

02.   Sorcerer of Dark Magic

03.   Watapon

04.   Pyramid of Light


Duel Master Guide (DMG)

01.   Dark Paladin


Yugioh the Movie Ani-Manga (YMA)

  1. Slifer the Sky Dragon


World Championship

WCS-EN403. Sengenjin

WCS-001. Kanan the Swordmistress


Hobby League (HL1)

01.   Lord of the Lamp

02.   Greenkappa


Kids WB Promo

EP1-EN000. Card of Sanctity


Shonen Jump Championship

SJC-EN001. Cyber-Stein