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       The songs during the Weevil and Panik fights make to duels go faster. These were originally two episodes long. In the episodes where Seto Kaiba jumps out his window and Tristan finds Mokuba’s body, Pegasus’s mens’ hands look pretty weird. That’s because 4Kids painted over their guns. In the first episode of American season 2, the soul cards of Sugoroku, Seto, and Mokuba are on white slab things. These are supposed to be crosses. When Tristan, Téa, and Bakura climb the tower, Téa does not want to go first because she’s wearing a skirt, and the boys might just look at her panties. She forces them to wear blindfolds. And finally, when Pegasus’s Blue-Eyes beats the Crawling Dragon at the Shadow Game, his opponent catches on fire, and rolls around, screaming. When Grandpa goes to Otogi’s game shop, he is drooling over the cheerleader girls on TV, not the big screen. On the boxes for the Duel Disks, they say Duel. They should say Duel Disk. I have no idea why they painted over Disk. When Yugi uses the Magic Box on the Paradox’s Jirai Gumo, the actual creature is skewed, not the card. When Bandit Keith is beaten by Joey, he jumps up to Pegasus and threatens him with a gun, not a funny pointed hand. When he hits the water, he does not say ‘ouch’.