English Name (Japanese Name)


Yugi Mutou

Favorite Card: Dark Magician

Deck: Dark Magician/Trap and Magic

         Yugi is a puny kid with few friends and a crush on Anzu, until he tries to stick up for two people who have been bullying him, Jonouchi and Honda. They become best friends after that. His grandpa, Sugoroku Mutou owns a card shop, so he knows how to play many games. A game he is especially good at is Duel Monsters. One day, his grandpa gives him the Millennium Puzzle from ancient Egypt. Jonouchi and Honda steal it, and Jonouchi throws a piece in a pool. After Yugi takes a beating for them, he retrieves it, and apologizes. After Yugi solves the puzzle, he changes.


Yami Yugi

         Yami Yugi is the spirit that lives inside the Millennium Puzzle. He was the pharaoh of Egypt 3,000 years ago. He was sealed in the Puzzle, and lost his memory. To get it back he must retrieve the 3 God Cards and the 7 Millennium Items.


Joey Wheeler (Katsuya Jonounchi)

Favorite Card: Flame Swordsman (Possibly Jinzo or Panther Warrior in Battle City)

Deck: Warrior and Beast-Warriors with a few odd cards and magic

         Jonouchi is best friends with Yugi and Honda. Although Jonouchi acts tough, he always helps Yugi in some way. Jonouchi tries to win at Duel Monsters, but is always helped by Yugi, until he plays Dinosaur Ryuzaki, In Battle City, he wins Jinzo, Insect Queen, Legendary Fisherman, and Fortress Whale.


Seto Kaiba

Favorite Cards: Blue-Eyes White Dragon, God of Obelisk

Deck: Beatdown

         Kaiba is the owner of all three existing Blue-Eyes White Dragons. He ripped up the fourth one that he won from Yugi’s grandpa. Kaiba owns Kaiba Corp. Kaiba doesn’t believe in the heart of the cards, and loses to Yugi in a duel. Kaiba can’t stand the fact he lost to a nobody, and is chased by Pegasus. Kaiba is thought to be killed, and his brother is kidnapped. Kaiba tries to recover his brother, but Pegasus traps his soul, and Kabia has to beat Yugi to face Pegasus to get him back. He wins, but loses to Pegasus, and gets his soul stolen, too. When Kaiba finds out about the God Cards, he holds a tournament to find them. He once said, If god stands in your way, defeat god. The evil mage Set is an ancestor of Kaiba.


Maximillion Pegasus (Pegasus J. Crawford)

Favorite Card: Toon World

Deck: Toons and Relinquished

         Pegasus owns Industrial Illusion, and created Duel Monsters. He owns every card, and uses this to his advantage. He uses the Toon Town card to beat Kaiba, and steals his soul with his Millennium Eye. He has stolen the souls of Kaiba, Mokuba, and Yugi’s Grandpa. He tries to get all the Millennium Items so he can see his dead ex-wife, Cecilia.


Téa Gardner (Anzu Mazaki)

Favorite Card: Magician of Faith

Deck: Fairies

         Anzu doesn’t play Duel Monsters much, but beats Jonouchi a lot in the beginning. She even beat Mai once, but she’s more of a cheerleader than a duelist. When the gang gets away from the player killers in the cave, she figures out that Yugi sometimes becomes someone else. In the manga, she falls in love with Yami Yugi, even though she hasn’t seen him.


Tristan Taylor (Hiroto Honda)

Favorite Card: Cyber Commander

         Honda was Jonouchi’s best friend, and picked on Yugi until the day Yugi said he considered them friends. Now, Honda is best friends with both Yugi and Jonouchi. Honda doesn’t duel. He thinks Jonouchi can’t duel without Yugi’s help, but Jonouchi proves him wrong, and gets Honda’s support. When Yugi duels Yami Bakura in the shadow realm, Honda is the first to go into the graveyard.


Ryou Bakura

Favorite Card: Change of Heart (Possibly Dark Necrofear and the Ouiji Board/Destiny Board in Battle City)

Deck: Occult

         Bakura is one of Yugi’s classmates, and is invited to the Duelist Kingdom. He also possesses the Millennium Ring, which tracks down Millennium Items, and contains the spirit of a thief. When Yugi agrees to a friendly duel, Bakura takes everyone to the shadow realm, and becomes Yami Bakura. Yugi beats him and sends Yami Bakura to the graveyard, but he appears again when Pegasus takes Honda, Anzu, and Bakura to the Shadow Realm. In Battle City he kills Bones, forms an alliance with Marik in Battle City, and is killed by Evil Marik.


Yami Bakura

         Yami Bakura was a grave robber in Egypt, and was sealed in the Millennium Ring. Bakura probably knows about him, but doesn’t do anything about him. Yami Bakura plays a pretty big part in the Battle City story arc, but not such a big part in the Duelist Kingdom arc.


Mai Valentine (Mai Kajuki)

Favorite Card: Harpie Ladies or Harpie Sisters

Deck: Harpy Lady and Amazonness cards

         Mai has one goal, to win the three million in prize money. She begins as somewhat of a villain, but becomes friends with Yugi and Joey. She sprays each of her cards with different perfume so she knows what she will get next, but she tricks people into thinking she’s psychic. Joey sees through her act, and beats her. She is mad, and agrees to duel Rex, who is mad about the room on the boat, is he beats Joey. Joey beats him, and gets hims card. Mai is a good duelist, but she tries to pick out weaker opponents. She was going to marry some rich guy on the Duelist Kingdom boat, but in after realizing money isn’t everything, she turns him down after a duel in Battle City.


Mokuba Kaiba

         Mokuba is the brother of Seto Kaiba. Seto would do anything for Mokuba, so when Pegasus kidnaps Mokuba, and takes his soul, Kaiba will do anything to get him back. He is one of the administrators in Battle City.


Solomon Motou (Sugoroku Motou)

         Yugi’s grandpa owns a game shop in Domino Town, and teaches Yugi and Joey about the heart of the cards. He gets his soul taken by Peasus, and Yugi tries to get it back.


Rex Raptor (Dinosaur Ryuzaki)

Favorite Card: Sword Arm of Dragon, Serpent Night Dragon, or Red Eyes B. Dragon

Deck: Beatdown

         Ryuzaki has a pure beatdown deck. He loses to Joey in Duelist Kingdom, and Espa Roba in Battle City.


Weevil Underwood (Insector Haga)

Favorite Card: Insect Queen and Great Moth

Deck: Insect and Insect Accessories

         Haga cheats to win, and uses all insect cards. He loses to Yugi in the first round of Duelist Kingdom, and slips a Paracite Paracide into Jonouchi’s deck in Battle City, but is still beaten.


Mako Tsunami (Ryouta Kajiki)

Favorite Card: Legendary Fisherman

Deck: Water

         Mako is looking for his father who was lost at sea when he was a kid. He believes the Legendary Fisherman card he received as a child represents the soul of his father.


Serenity Wheeler (Shizuka Jonouchi)

         Shizuka is Katsuya’s sister who needed an eye operation. She did not want to get the operation without Jonouchi being there, and she wanted him to be the first person she saw when she unwrapped her head. Honda and Otogi are constantly fighting over her.


Bandit Keith Howard

Favorite Card: Barrel Dragon

Deck: Machine and a few others

         Keith was humiliated by Pegasus, and wanted revenge. Marik saved him from drowning and used him to try to steal the Millennium Puzzle.


Bones (Ghost Kotsuzuka)

Deck: Zombie

Favorite Card: Call of the Haunted

         Ghost is pretty much a one shot character, although he appears in Battle City and is killed by Yami Bakura.


Para and Dox – Mei and Kyuu

Favorite Card: Labyrinth Wall or Gate Guardian

         Mei and Kyuu duel as a pair.


Duke Devlin (Ryuji Otogi)

Favorite Monster: God Ogruss (Orgoth the Relentless)

         Otogi invented DDM, and blames Yugi for the defeat and ruining of Pegasus. He tries to make him stop playing Duel Monsters, but Yugi beats him at his own game. In Battle City, he fights with Honda over Shizuka, and they almost get knocked off a blimp.



         He is the protector of the Millennium Items, and owns the Scale and Key. In the manga he uses the scale to kill a museum owner that tries to sell the Puzzle.


Marik Ishtar

Favorite Card: Sun Dragon, God of Ra

Deck: Ra

         The Ishtars are  the guardians of the pharaoh’s tomb (As in Yami Yugi). Marik has an evil side to him that was sealed away by Rishid. Marik blames Yami Yugi for the death of his father when his evil side actually killed him. Marik owns the Millennium Rod, and is the leader of the Ghouls Rare Hunters.


Evil Marik

         This is the darkness in Marik’s heart. When he gets really angry, Evil Marik takes control. When Rishid had the seal tattooed on his face, Evil Marik seemed to disappear, but when Rishid is neat death, Evil Marik resurfaces. He is sometimes called Yami Marik, but if Yami refers to the ancient spirits of the Millennium Items (i.e. Yami Yugi, Yami Bakura), this isn’t true. However, if you see Yami as the word Dark, then you could call him Yami Marik.


Ishizu Ishtar (Isis Ishtar)

         She is Marik’s sister. She owns the Millennium Necklace. She tries to stop Marik, but he threatens to use the Rod on her (all puns aside).


Odion (Rishid)

         He is Marik’s bodyguard. When Marik was a little kid, he was scared of getting the ceremony of the Pharaoh’s guards tattooed on his back, so Rishid got a tattoo that sealed Marik’s evil side in him on his face. When he duels Jonouchi in the championship in Battle City, he uses a fake Ra card and gets struck by lightning. This releases Marik’s evil side.


Gozaburo Kaiba

         Founder of Kaiba Corporation and Seto’s foster father. He adopted Kaiba after his son was hit by a car.


Noah Kaiba (Noa Kaiba)

Favorite Cards: Miracle Ark, Shinato

Deck: Spirit Monsters

Noah is Gozaburo’s son. He was hit by a car, and Gozaburo put his brain in a computer. He tries to get revenge on Seto by taking him back into the Virtual Reality world.


Rebecca Hopkins

Favorite Card: Shadow Ghoul

Deck: Shadow Ghoul (DK), Burn (KC GP)

         Rebecca is a genius little girl from America. She is the American Duel Monsters champion. She blames Sugoroku for taking and ripping her grandfather’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon. After Yugi teaches her to feel for the monsters, she falls in love with him, and returns in the Doom saga.


Prof. Arthur Hopkins

         He was an archaeologist like Sugoroku, and they discovered the Egyptian aspects of Duel Monsters. He also discovered Atlantis.


Vivian Wong

Favorite Card: Dragon Lady

         Vivian is the Chinese Duel Monsters champion. Her dream is to hook up with Kaiba or Yugi and be the greatest duel team. She is always fighting with Rebecca over Yugi (Yugi seems very popular; Anzu, Rebecca, Vivian…^_^).


Leon Von Schraider

Favorite Card: ?

Deck: Fairy Tales

         Leon has a deck full of cards based on fairy tales, such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. He is the younger brother of Siegfried.


Siegfried Von Schraider

Favorite Card: Walkuren Rit

Deck: Valkyrie

         Sieg is the European champion, and a Kaiba Corp. competitor. He invented a duel system like Kaiba, but Kaiba beat him to Pegasus. Sieg is a great hacker, and tries to sabotage the opening of Kaiba Land USA.


Rare Hunters


Rare Hunter (Seeker)

Deck: Exodia

         Seeker uses copies of Exodia in his deck.


Arkana (Pandora)

Deck: Dark Magician

         Pandora was a magician until he failed an escape trick and was hideously burned. He didn’t think his partner would love him anymore, so he blocked her out. Marik finds him and promises he can see her again, so he joins Marik. He owns the Red Dark Magician, and is beaten by Yugi’s Dark Magician Girl.


Strings (Pantomime)

Deck: Revival Jam and Osiris

         Pantomime is a lifeless body controlled by Marik


Umbra and Lunis (Light and Dark Mask)

Deck: Masks

         L&D Mask double duel with Yugi and Kaiba. They use masks and the Masked Beast and cards that compliment each other.


Doom Organization



Deck: Seal of orichalcos

         Yugi duels Gurimo in the first duel of the Doom Saga. He summons Obelisk, but Yugi beats him and his soul is taken.


Allister Amelda

Deck: Toon (As Pegasus), Army

         Amelda blames Kaiba for the death of his brother when Kaiba Corp. was a weapons factory. He poses as Pegasus to duel Kaiba.



Deck: Armor

         He uses armor cards and he can enter the duel with the armor equipped.



Favorite Card: Guardian Aeidos

Deck: Guardians

         Raphael came from a rich family, but was lost on an island for five years after a cruise boat that resembles the Titanic crashes with his family on board. His little brother gave him three cards before the crash; Guardian Grarl, Guardian Kay’Est, and Guardian Aeidos. He imagined these cards saved him, so he stayed alive and joined Doom thinking maybe his parents are alive. Later on, Yugi  opens the good in Raphael’s heart and he breaks Orichalcos’ curse.



Deck: Seal of Orichalcos, Orichalcos Monsters

         Dartz was the king of Atlantis, and when civilization was breaking down, he took the power of the Orichalcos stone, and became corrupt.